Coffee and Kareem (review)

Coffee and Kareem (review)
Coffee and Kareem (review)
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This Netflix original stars Ed Helms as a Detroit cop who’s dating Taraji P. Henson. But most of the action (and there is plenty) revolves around his relationship with her sassy son (played by Terrence Little Gardenhigh). Helms and the aggressively beligerant offspring end up in a zany/dangerous entanglement, when they witness criminal activity. Newcomer Gardenhigh is delightful in his foul-mouthed, streetwise character, while Helms and Henson hold their own. As a bonus, the bad guys are some of the funniest “gangstas” you’ll ever see. Even though it has a family focus, there’s plenty of raunchy dialogue (often from the kid) and mild violence to give it a more mature vibe. Overall, a welcome bit of silly fun. If you say it out loud, the title is a cute pun on their ebony and ivory relationship. 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

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