Two concert movies (review)

Two concert movies (review)
Two concert movies (review)
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Two current big-name concerts are airing online:



Ben Platt is best known for his Tony-winning performance in Dear Evan Hansen, but some may know him from the lead in Ryan Murphy’s first Netflix series Politician. In addition to being an incredible vocalist, he’s also a talented songwriter, as this concert shows. Almost all of the songs are from his debut album Sing to Me Instead. This concert ended his 2019 tour and what makes it a standout is Platt. Every song is a mini-drama with his catchy, hook-filled melodies and poetic heartfelt lyrics. His stories about being gay and Jewish add insight into his writing and his personality. In the end, his powerful performance and the rocking band put this at the top of the “show pop” genre. 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) Netflix link




I’ve never been a fan of the Jonas Brothers, but their reunion album had some great pop songs. A few months back, I watched Chasing Happiness, their doc about the trajectory of their fame, their breakup and their reuniting. This film features top songs from their multi-city tour with all the screaming fans and energetic performances you’d expect, as well as the inevitable behind-the-scenes moments and a few interview clips that echo their sentiments from the earlier doc. The best performance moments come from their more intimate show (about 200 people) that takes place in one of the venues they played early in their career. You can really appreciate the trio’s charisma. Overall, their solid pop tunes make for an enjoyable fan experience. 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Amazon Prime Video link

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