Confessions of a Mormon Boy (Review)

Confessions of a Mormon Boy (Review)
Confessions of a Mormon Boy (Review)
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THE PLAY: Steven Fales was raised Mormon, but his homosexuality was a constant conflict. This one-man show details his failed marriage, coming out, becoming a sex worker, enjoying the high life and getting past it all. Includes adult themes and depictions.


THE PRODUCTION: As you learn in the show, Fales has two degrees in acting and it shows. He’s a talented performer who mines every moment with a range of characters and emotions, both subtle and broad. He zips thru this 90 minute show with energy and aplomb, occasionally restarting a flubbed line, but never slowing. His winning personality, assured charisma and lovely singing voice keep every minute compelling. There are a few projections and numerous lighting cues (some of which were off opening nite) to add variety to the staging.


THE POINT: Fales is an accomplished performer and he’s crafted a compelling and charismatic personal journey.


NOTE: This is original play in the Mormon Boy Trilogy.

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Triangle Players website.



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