Criminal (review)

Criminal (review)
Criminal (review)
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Ryan Reynolds (in a semi-uncredited role) already made this movie. In “Self/less” his body was occupied by someone else’s awareness. This time it’s Kevin Costner (as the titular sociopath) who inherits CIA agent Reynold’s memories. This includes the location of a hacker who possess a program that can create world anarchy. As Kostner slowly inherits the skills and secrets, he becomes the gruff action hero of the film. It’s fun to see usually gentle Kostner become so nasty. There are some decent action scenes, a solid cast of supporting actors and some attractive London locales. The film runs too long and the turns in the story are predictable. While there’s nothing especially original here, it’s still a relatively absorbing film.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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