A Cure for Wellness (review)

A Cure for Wellness (review)
A Cure for Wellness (review)
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This mish-mash mess of a story takes a young New York exec (Dane DeHaan) to a wellness center in the Alps (a stunning location). He immediately senses something’s not right and spends the rest of this almost 2 1/2 hour movie sneaking around the property trying to uncover the truth behind the mysterious experiments. Inexplicably, he seems to have access to the property’s most secretive recesses. There’s lots of creepy settings and ominous music, but no suspense. The plot, which is riddled with holes, borrows elements from dozens of previous films, including hints of “Frankenstein” and “Phantom of the Opera.” It’s sometimes visually interesting and even occasionally unnerving, but not nearly enuff to support the tedium of the pace. The finale doesn’t live up to the promise of a shocking revelation.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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