Curtains for local theatres

Curtains for local theatres
Curtains for local theatres
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With the entire theatre community in a state of instability (along with the rest of the world), this week’s Curtain Call looks at our theatres and their response to COVID-19. It will air Friday, April 17 at noon on Open Source RVA (WRIR 93.6 FM) and the podcast will be posted on after 1pm.


This special 50-minute Curtain Call will feature 20 interviews, including a representative from every local professional theatre, as well as:

– Scott Garka (CultureWorks) about the COVID-19 Artists Relief Fund

– Jacqueline O’Connor (RPAA) about “Legends at Home”

– The quartet that lives together and created Quarantine Theatre

– Two artists who are creating online work


Producer Jerry Williams has crammed it full of information about:

– The productions that were affected

– How those involved with the shows were compensated

– How the theatre staff has been impacted

– What each theatre is doing to ensure its viability

– How/what the theatres  have planned for next season

– Words of support and hope


To add variety and a few moments of entertainment, all of the interludes feature music or sound design from shows that were cancelled or from online broadcasts. Even though this could be a downbeat podcast, it’s ultimately full of encouragement and optimism for the resilience and strength of our local theatres.

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