C’ville Curry (video 1:56)

C’ville Curry (video 1:56)
C’ville Curry (video 1:56)
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The Charlottesville-based family trio, The Currys, brought their hard-to-categorize brand of mostly Americana music to Studio A at In Your Ear studios Friday for JAMinc’s first show this year. A show that was delayed a week because of the “snowmageddon.” For the crowd of 60+, it was worth the wait.


“We’re definitely not spoken word or metal” joked cousin Galen Curry (vocals, bass, guitar), explaining the trouble they had describing their music for on-line music services. Jimmy Curry (vocals, guitar, bass) and brother Tommy Curry (vocals, guitar, mandolin ) agreed they span a lot of genres. “American is close, but that’s such a catch-all. We’re sort of folk-pop maybe? We’re hard to label” During their show, they covered R&B, Bruce Springsteen and Justin Timberlake along with many of their own tunes.


On stage you can tell they’re family by their easy rapport. “We know each other way too well” laughs Tommy. It translates well to their audience. They tell stories about their songs or how they found one to cover. A couple of sketchy jokes are added to the mix by a reluctant Galen.


You also hear family in their harmonies, something Tommy they said they had to work at from the beginning.



Band1Music has been full time for the last 3 years. They sometimes perform as a trio and sometimes as a full, more electric lineup. Playing a variety of venues and audiences is all part of being working musicians. “It’s different things to cut your teeth on and improve your chops.”


Knowing the setting would be acoustically perfect, with a crowd that came to listen, the band also shot a 3-camera video to use for marketing and social networking. They have a new CD, West of Here. A CD release party will be held 3/5 (full band) at The Southern Café and Music Hall in Charlottesville. You can catch them in February before they’re on the road.


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