Dallas Buyer’s Club (Review)

Dallas Buyer’s Club (Review)
Dallas Buyer’s Club (Review)
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This is loosely-based on a Texas electrician/rodeo rider (Matthew McConaughey) who contracted AIDS in the mid-80s and struggled to smuggle alternative treatments for fighting his and many others’ illness. In setting up his “club,” his homophobia is challenged when he partners with a trans character (Jared Leto). The story unfolds at a steady pace, but it’s really about the two leads. McConaughey imbues his character with much of the swagger typical of his personality, but manages to show emotion once or twice. It’s Leto who completely transforms himself into a sweet, sensitive woman and creates the film’s most poignant peaks. The movie is a bit too long and repetitive in the setbacks, but it still manages to tell the story effectively with award-potential performances.


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