3 Days to Kill (Review)

3 Days to Kill (Review)
3 Days to Kill (Review)
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With all the young hero types filling the tights of comic book characters, Hollywood has turned to middle-aged men to handle reality-based action. Kevin Costner plays a “cleaner” for the CIA, who retires so he can salvage his relationship with his daughter (Hailee Steinfeld). He’s also got cancer with a 3-month death sentence, until an operative (Amber Heard in a succession of over-the-top glamour poses) promises a cure in exchange for one last job. Luc Besson penned the story, so it’s got interesting developments on the personal and action sides. Director McG has managed to balance both angles with warmth and some inventive fights. While it’s in not way unique, it’s passable entertainment and Costner manages to carry the burden effectively.


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