Defending Jacob (review)

Defending Jacob (review)
Defending Jacob (review)
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Chris Evans plays a successful assistant district attorney, whose life is upended when his son (Jaeden Martell) is accused of murder. The pursuit of an alternate killer isn’t the show’s primary focus. Instead, it revolves around the family’s traumas dealing with this life-changing allegation and the parent’s lingering doubts about their son’s innocence. Evans makes a stalwart dad and Michelle Dockery plays an effectively shaken mother, but it’s Martell whose performance is the most nuanced. Despite the compelling premise, the interactions are heavy without being especially moving. Unlike the traditional streaming service model, this series is being released weekly and won’t wrap up til May 29. I’ll stick with it, but it’s extended length and plodding plot developments provide this somber drama with scant empathy. (8 one-hour episodes on Apple TV+)

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3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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