Other Desert Cities (Review)

Other Desert Cities (Review)
Other Desert Cities (Review)
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THE PLAY: The daughter of prominent conservative parents comes home to Palm Springs with news that her latest book will expose a sore from their family’s recent past.


THE PRODUCTION: I kept waiting for this play to grab me, but it never did. When it’s mining the cutting comedy, it takes full advantage of this top-shelf ensemble (including Irene Ziegler & Joe Inscoe). When it’s time to get serious, it takes too long to get there and doesn’t muster the power needed for a strong emotional impact. The cast is  generally strong with Melissa Johnston taking full advantage of her character’s saucy presence and Mike Long bringing a welcome level of energy. Director Chase Kniffen keeps it moving, but this play is full of intimate moments that deserve a smaller space (which presented a slight problem for Sandi Carroll, who didn’t always project her lines clearly). Speaking of the space, VCU senior Ben Burke’s luxe contemporary living room is simply gorgeous, while Lynne M. Hartman’s lighting adds to the rich effect.


THE POINT: An effective, but not powerful production of an interesting, but somewhat talky play.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


At Va. Rep thru 5/18



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