Desiree’s Lyrics

Desiree’s Lyrics
Desiree’s Lyrics
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One Night Only (sung to the tune of One Night Only, lyrics by Desiree Roots Centeio)


I got my jumpsuit from Sarah Grady!!

My hair blown out and styled by Ralph Cosby

I got these shoes right off consignment (aren’t they fabulous).

But it’s not all about me, it’s about the Artsie’s!


We’ve got One Night Only, One Night Only

This night comes once a year!

One Night Only, come on, give a big cheer—for the Artsie’s.

One Night Only, One Night Only

Who’ll win, who’ll loose, we’ll see!

One Night Only, Welcome to the Artsie’s!


One Night Only

One Night Only


(The Boys) Have you seen the news

Bruce Miller’s stepping down

We will miss him very much, but we welcome Mr. Shaw

Who is moving in…


One Night Only


(Desiree) This night’s so important

I hope that he loves me

If not then this chance will be gone

Oh please, Mr. Shaw

Cast a show where I can be a STAR!!!!



Tonight is a night

Where we will recognize, all this great talent

I’ve got to win an Artsie (you’ve got one)

(Katrina) I’ve got to win an Artsie (you need one)


That man wants to cast me

That man wants to cast me!!


One night only

One night only


One Night Only (The artsies, the artsies)

Artsie Fever (lyrics by Desiree Roots Centeio)


Never knew how much he loved me

Never knew he even cared

But when he writes reviews about me

I get a fever that’s so hard to bear

He gives me fever when he likes me

Fever when he says I’m a-ight!!

Fever for TV/Jerry

Jerry Williams did me right!!!


Some shows like Gypsy

Showed a girl just how to strip!!

Other shows dropped the “F” bomb

Proving live theatre’s a F***ing TRIP


It gives me fever,  when I watch it

Fever when I see my friends

Fever, their on fire

Fever, yeah I wonder who’ll win!!


Everybody’s got the fever

That is somethin’ you all know

The Artsies isn’t such a new thing

They started Nine years ago


Saturday, Sunday Monday and Bad Jews
explored dysfunctional families
While Dreamgirls and Little Shop of Horrors
Took us all back to the mid ’60’s
They gave us fever
With nostalgia, scenery costumes and props
Fever…Feed Me Seymore
and we ALL loved “Mountaintop”

Richmond Theatre Critics Circle
You better make them your best friends
Because, if they don’t like you
An Artsie you will NEVER win.

They’ve got the Fever
When they watch you
Pen, pencil and paper in hand
Fever…when they like you
A GOOD review is your best friend.
Everybody’s got the fever

That is somethin’ you all know

The Artsies isn’t such a new thing

They started Nine years ago


Now you’ve listened to my story

Here’s the point that I have made

The Artsies brought us all together!!
‘Cause we’ve been working and we all got paid

We’ve got the fever…

for the Artsies
I wonder who’ll win next, well let’s see!!

Fever … till you sizzle

Who’s going home with an Artsie…hey
Who’s going home with an Artsie…oooh
Who’s going home with an Artsie…now
Who’s going home….WITH…an ARTSIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!


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