Doublewide, Texas (review)

Doublewide, Texas (review)
Doublewide, Texas (review)
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THE PLAY: Residents of a trailer park take action to avoid being annexed by the neighboring town.


THE PRODUCTION: This play is more about personalities than punch lines (some of the funniest jokes are names of places and businesses, like the Stagger Inn). This cast is full of broad characters that are played at top volume (literally and figuratively). They’re trashy demeanor and Texas twangs are full of fun, especially the boozy antics of Jeannie Goodyear and Travis Williams as a big buffoon. First-time director Michael Fletcher has given the cast the conviction to go all out and he’s crammed the show full of energy. The long pauses between scenes slow the comic momentum and some of the physical gags aren’t entirely successful. Scott Bergman’s set is appropriate with pink curtains and wood paneling. The cutaway to expose the insulation is a clever touch (but the furniture may be a bit too nice and not sure why there’s plastic wrap on the TV). The costumes by Becki Jones relish the tacky. Running time: 1:55


THE POINT: This farce was already overblown and this ensemble magnifies it with shameless spunk.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


At CAT Theatre thru 6/16




Crystal Oakley and Kent Slonaker (Photos by Daryll Morgan)

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