Downsizing (review)

Downsizing (review)
Downsizing (review)
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In order to extend our planet’s lifespan, a technique is invented that shrinks people down to 5″, so their energy usage and waste is greatly reduced. Matt Damon plays the man caught in this tiny world after his wife abandons him. Once the novelty of the small vs. large wears off, what’s left is a forceful ecological lesson. Luckily, it includes his relationship with a Vietnamese woman (Hong Chau in a delightful and sometimes touching breakout performance). This adds a level of human responsibility and expands the message to compassion for one’s fellow earthlings. There’s virtually no humor, so what looks like it could be fun turns into a mildly involving drama and a heavy-handed tract on the foilables of human nature and the dangers of disregarding our planet’s health.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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