The Drowsy Chaperone (Review)

The Drowsy Chaperone (Review)
The Drowsy Chaperone (Review)
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THE PLAY: A lonely lover of musicals sits in his apartment and guides the audience thru his favorite ’20s show. Suddenly, the songs and story unfold right in his living room.


THE PRODUCTION: A show like this requires a fine level of stylization and director Tom Width has brilliantly perched his cast right on the verge of camp and hilarity. Meanwhile, his set is an inventive and attractive use of the space. Dennis Clark’s choreography is clever over-the-top fun, Maura Lynch Cravey’s costumes are impressively gorgeous and Joe Doran’s lighting is colorful and rich. There’s not one weak voice or performance in the big cast: Everybody’s having a great time and doing a wonderful job. Standouts are Nocile Oberleitner’s hilarious solo and Matt Shofner’s wacky Italian. I guess they wanted to showcase their new PA (along with the roomy new facility), but it sometimes made the vocals a bit overpowering. Most of them could have done without and still managed to be well heard over the excellent 8-piece orchestra.


THE POINT: This outstanding and joyful production is a delightful romp through musical appreciation. “Chaperone” is the MOST must-see show in the area.






Swift Creek Mill Playhouse



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