Eating My Words

Eating My Words
Eating My Words
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Back east.


I just returned to Richmond after 4 years in Los Angeles.  Much has changed, much has not. Notable observations include VCU’s encroachment on Williamsburg and the spate of new restaurants and food shops dotting Richmond’s horizon–all manner of chefdom is going down in these here parts.


My list of favorite first foodie (say that five times fast) impressions:



Sub Rosa Bakery: One thing I know is baking. And I must say that Evrim and Evin give new meaning to ‘good crumb’.  Sadly, just last week there was a fire and the bakery is temporarily closed.  But here’s to community: the entire Richmond food world has launched a series of fundraisers (check their site) to get Sub Rosa up and at ‘em again.


Rusty Fallon’s cream puffs at Aziza’s: I realize that this giant puff has gotten a lot of local attention, but it’s so ‘smoosh your face in it’ good I can’t help myself.  A tiny bit crispy, a lot flaky, super creamy, with a sweetness straddling a perfect line between muted and teeth-hurtingly sugary, eating this cream puff will make you feel like an elated Edith Ann in her oversized rocking chair – ‘And that’s the truth’.


Chef Dylan Fultineer of Rappahanock makes an extraordinary grilled scallop over braised oxtail: This scallop is perfectly, I mean perfectly, cooked. I found Heaven biting through those beautiful grillmarks into that melt-in-your-mouthful of scallop. Forever this is what I will dream of when I hear surf n’ turf.


And hey y’all, I’m so glad to be back! Let’s do lunch (or dinner)!


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