Everybody Wants Some (review)

Everybody Wants Some (review)
Everybody Wants Some (review)
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Richard Linklater’s films don’t stress story. They focus on creating engaging characters and putting them in every day (but interesting) situations. In this case, it’s college in the early 80s, where members of the baseball team party before the beginning of the semester. They visit 3 clubs (dance, western, punk), drink beer and smoke pot & attempt the coeds, all the while musing about life, baseball and fun. While the men are all attractive and some try to create memorable characters, none of them is especially compelling. Sure, the nostalgia is enjoyable and the guys are OK,  but their rambling escapades (and dialogue) don’t develop into the entertaining experience I was expecting. NOTE: Stay thru the early credits for a “rap” video featuring the team.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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