It’s a Fabulous Life (Review)

It’s a Fabulous Life (Review)
It’s a Fabulous Life (Review)
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THE PLAY: This slight, gay version of the classic Christmas movie is set during the rehearsal for a gay theater’s gay Holiday show. Near the end of the long first act, the gay writer wishes he were straight. This is as stereotypical as it comes: effeminate mincing, tons of camp, drag numbers and scantily clad men.


THE PRODUCTION: This cast works hard to make this silly script work and their earnest voices carry the tunes well. The non-descript songs have some clever lyrics and the constant cultural references will keep queens on their mental toes. While a lot of the comedy fails to land a laugh, standout moments come from Richmond newcomer Doug Schneider and delightful drag fave Dan Cimo. The stylized set and colorful lights add a festive touch. The most refreshing aspect of this production is that the singers do not wear microphones and you still hear almost every lyric without annoying technical glitches or overpowering amplification. Director Keith Fitzgerald has done his best to keep the energy moving, but a lot of the show is simply too silly to work.


THE POINT: Gay. Gay! GAY! Flighty fun for those who care more about camp than class.


Richmond Triangle Players website.

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