Fading Gigolo (Review)

Fading Gigolo (Review)
Fading Gigolo (Review)
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I know what you’re thinking: John Turturro (who also wrote/directed) is too old and unattractive to ever be a gigolo, but his pal (Woody Allen) dismisses those hesitations early. The film starts out with promise, but disappoints before it’s over. Even some lovely ladies (Sharon Stone, Sofía Vergara) don’t make it better. Allen plays Allen (but without the funny lines he’d write for himself) and Turturro stays sullen (this is clearly a vanity piece). While the premise is interesting, it loses momentum and never develops the comic potential. Let’s just say that Turturro should stick with acting.


2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


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  1. Jerry, your dead wrong about JT being too old and unattractive to be a gigolo. Remember what SS (let’s be fair here because she is also showing her age) says about his looks…that she likes it that he isn’t drop dead handsome. He is gorgeous in his own way and that’s what women love. When he smiles, you just melt! BTW, WA is funny too with great subtle lines…maybe missed by RVA audiences who don’t dare to laugh out loud at anything that is not PC. I think the entire premise of this movie is that no one ever stops looking for love. You can explain to me WA’s “family” in this movie…was that his wife, his landlord, his neighbor? We couldn’t figure that out.

  2. I know that the wrote that “not too old, etc’ into the script…after all, he wrote the script too. I understand ur reasoning, but I just didn’t buy it. As for WA…I think that was his lover, although it was somewhat vague, but I seem to remember one reference that made it clear (lost on me now).

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