Family (review)

Family (review)
Family (review)
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When a plot is this predictable, a clever script or special performances are needed to make it memorable. Although it starts promisingly, this one offers neither. Taylor Schilling plays the self-obsessed career woman who’s life is disrupted when she has to take care of her troubled niece (Bryn Vale). Of course, the uncomfortable pairing slowly evolves into affection. Schilling does OK with the arrogant and vulnerable sides of her character. Vale creates another typically misfit teen. While it begins with snappy potential, it soon deteriorates into the expected and drains what humor it promised. Overall, the film manages to maintain interest, but never rises above the expected, except for the weird subplot about Juggalo subculture (featuring interviews with real “members” during the credits). Of interest of Richmonders: Lucy Dacus has a song in the soundtrack.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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