Fed Up (Review)

Fed Up (Review)
Fed Up (Review)
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The largest health issue in the world today is obesity, primarily due to sugar and the big business that shamelessly sells it. As a film, this is standard doc fare: lots of expert interviews, snappy graphics, media footage (much of it horribly grainy) and real people whose stories make it personal. This one actually hammers home its message too often, which drags the pace and becomes frustrating. So many documentaries are full of righteous outrage and shocking statistics. It’s a shame that the intended audiences will probably never benefit from it’s message.


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3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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  1. After viewing this movie, I certainly agree with your analysis.

    There definitely was a strong message to be heard but unfortunately was lost.
    If the message is for now and the future it can’t be limited to adults.
    The point is important and needs to be heard, which I’m sure was not gotten by watching the audience’s reaction.
    Boredom reigned not enthusiasm!

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