The First Purge (review)

The First Purge (review)
The First Purge (review)
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The original movie in this series featured gripping action and a compelling concept: all crimes (including murder) are permitted one nite a year. The 2 sequels are pretty bad and this 3rd continues the slide in quality. It’s set in the US, where a new super-conservative party has come into power and announces the “experiment” to deal with growing national problems. This paranoid political premise drains even more life from the series. What I wrote in my review of the last one still applies: “Once again, the situations are absurd and the action is mostly dull and uninventive. Some of the auxiliary scenes are artistically shot or visually inventive, but that doesn’t elevate the quality. It’s not exciting. It’s not scary. It’s a disappointment.” These films have just become an excuse for gratuitous violence.


1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)

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