The Florida Project (review)

The Florida Project (review)
The Florida Project (review)
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Sean Baker’s previous film, Tangerine, followed a group of trans prostitutes on the streets of LA and featured non-actors in most roles (shot on an iPhone, no less). This film takes place in a very different world, but has the same gritty, guerilla feel and vibrant cast. Brooklynn Prince is the movie’s central character. Her spunky personality drives the lively exploits of her small group of friends, as they pass the days inside and outside a cheap, seedy Orlando motel. Bria Vinaite is another off-the-street casting who is interesting as her messed-up mother. There is known actor: Willem Dafoe, who plays the befuddled manager, balancing his business responsibilities with his heartfelt concern for the residents. There’s not really a plot, just a series of moments that mostly involve the kids running around and getting into minor trouble. Still, there’s a heart and warmth to the characters and Prince is one of the most delightfully compelling new personalities in recent screen memory.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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