Food & tunes in Studio A

Food & tunes in Studio A
Food & tunes in Studio A
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Friday night, the Robbin Thompson Band put on a mostly acoustic show at In Your Ear Studio. It was the 78th event by JAMinc and was as much a house show (everyone brings potluck) as it is a celebration of regional music in pristine 80-seat Studio A.


The band (Robbin Thompson, Velpo Robertson, Audie Stanley, Rico Antonelli, Eric Heiberg) played an hourlong first set based on Thompson’s latest CD, “A Real Fine Day.” They ventured deeper into the band’s long history during the extended second set. A particularly poignant moment came when the band covered a Billy Ray Hatley composition. Hatley, a prolific RVA musician and writer in his own right, suffers from a debilitating brain illness.  At least one member of the band was brought to tears.


RT_IYE _011714-2478

Rico Antonelli gets into the acoustic groove

The goup was in great voice and handled the first-ever acoustic arrangements with a tightness developed over 20+ years together. Playing acoustic presented a bit of a challenge for drummer Antonelli, but he responded by incorporating a beat box, bongos and a variety of percussion elements, along with well-timed vocal accents.


Thompson’s music is upbeat although sometimes introspective. He said his inspiration has ranged from lying sick on a couch watching TV  to the people he’s met and places he’s traveled to. During a solo moment he played a three-stringed, mandolin-like instrument called the Phin. He picked it up while touring in Thailand.


JAMinc does these shows eight or nine times a year.  If you’ve never been, whip up your favorite dish and put it on your calendar.


RT_IYE _011714-2491

Eric Heiberg on keyboards

Written by Bill Rice

Photos by Charlie Reilly

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