For Colored Girls (review)

For Colored Girls (review)
For Colored Girls (review)
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THE PLAY: Seven down-to-earth, proud, resilient black women express their feelings about issues in their lives thru dramatic poetic reflections.


THE PRODUCTION: This is an enthusiastic, engaged ensemble. They’re all committed to their characters and deliver confident performances. Director Shanea N. Taylor has creatively used the black box set (with a few actual black boxes), which results in simple, effective staging. She’s skillfully managed the pace and interaction. The only setback: Since the script is primarily poetry, it’s sometimes hard to follow their narratives. (Artistic Director Margarette Joyner gets to shine in the most cohesive and intense vignette). There’s liberal use of music, but it’s impact is diluted by the low volume.


THE POINT: This engaged ensemble is confident and effective, although the poetic expressions are sometimes hard to follow.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


A Heritage Ensemble Theatre Company production at Firehouse Theatre thru 3/12


Heritage - For Colored Girls - 3

Photos: Bill Miller and Firehouse Theatre

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