Forever Plaid (review)

Forever Plaid (review)
Forever Plaid (review)
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THE PLAY: A men’s group from the 50s returns to modern Earth, where they sing a concert of their 4-part harmony classics.


THE PRODUCTION: This quartet perfectly captures the naiveté of the singers. As this delightfully awkward group performs, their stylized, goofy period choreography is full of amusing mistakes and misfires. Even if their routines are (purposely) off, their voices are always on…a lovely blend of doo-wop harmonies and earnest solos. It also helps that the sound mix by Derek Dumais makes every word clear without ever calling attention to the amplification. Standouts include their rendition of “She Loves You” and the incredible Ed Sullivan Show montage. That being said, anyone who doesn’t remember that Sunday nite show is likely to miss many of the period gags. Director Wes Seals gets lots of credit for the creative, comic moves and sweet interactions. There’s a constant sense of innocent fun. The attractive set by Terrie Powers features 2 arches with curtains, stars and glitter and BJ Wilkinson’s lights add variety and mood to the numbers. Running time: 1:25


THE POINT: Anyone who can appreciate the nostalgia of 50s men’s quartets will enjoy a purely delightful “harmony” of comedy and song.


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


A Virginia Rep production at Hanover Tavern thru 8/25



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