Free Solo (review)

Free Solo (review)
Free Solo (review)
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If you can look at the accompanying picture and not flinch, this movie may not be for you. That’s Alex Honnold, who’s one of the world’s most famous and daring solo climbers (using hands and feet only, no ropes). This documentary details his efforts to scale the face of a 3000 feet high El Capitan in Yosmite. It also offers insight into his unique personality. There’s lots of prep and even some mishaps, but his almost irrational determination drives him to the final climb, a harrowing, seemingly impossible feat. Luckily, this is only playing at Criterion Cinemas…not sure I could take it on a giant IMAX screen.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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  1. Liked this a lot. Just the thought of getting the cameras in position to film the incredible climbs is mind numbing. Jerry, in the first sentence of your review, didn’t you mean “may be” for you rather than “not be?”

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