From Texas to Triangle (video 2:16)

From Texas to Triangle (video 2:16)
From Texas to Triangle (video 2:16)
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George Boyd developed and directed the acclaimed AIDS classic “As Is,” staged Lily Tomlin in “Appearing Nightly” on Broadway and co-wrote/directed “Woody Guthrie, His Life, Times and Music” off-Broadway and all over the country. He also stage managed Bette Midler’s “Clams On The Half Shell” and Carol Channing in “Lorelei.”  For the rest of his impressive resume, you’ll have to read his bio in the program for “High,” which he came from Texas to direct. I dropped in to chat with him before a rehearsal last week.


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High runs at Richmond Triangle Players 2/26 – 3/15.



  1. Wow. Nice, snarky dig at another company’s AOF production.

  2. …you mean that French farce that’s one of the most famous plays about religious hypocrisy ever written? What a very strange comment.

  3. Damn, the joys (& terrors) of Editing. I was talking about a Feydeau farce I had once directed and how I felt this much more meaningful. I am most anxious to see the Father of Farces running locally because I hear that it’s great–especially Brad Frazier’s astounding performance. My apology to anyone whom this might have offended.

  4. Ha ha ha. Thanks, George. Comment joyfully retracted.

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