The full Artisies (with 5 videos)

The full Artisies (with 5 videos)
The full Artisies (with 5 videos)
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The Richmond Theatre Critics Circle presented their Artsies on 10/19 at Virginia Rep’s November Theatre (click here for a list of the awards). It may have been the shortest and most fun night in the event’s seven-year history. The theme was the technical staff and volunteers who work behind the scenes on every production. Debra Clinton and Jason Marks hosted with lots of snappy humor and a fun original song (see the lyrics below).


A selection from each of the nominated musicals provided the highlights and 2 videos were included this year: one to recognize the Liz Marks Award recipient (Acts of Faith Festival) and the first annual “In Memoriam”sequence (with Steve Moore on piano). Scott Wichmann (Best Actor in a Play for “Say Goodnight Gracie”) was on duty in Africa and Felicia Curry (Best Actress in a Musical for “The Color Purple) was working in Florida, so both of them received their awards via video (Click on the links to see the videos and speeches).


For the first time ever, the live band “played off” anyone who went over in their speeches, which proved effective several times. Among the cameos was Jason Campbell, who made his first appearance on a Richmond stage since his stroke during the run of “Life Could Be a Dream.”


Here’s my video of the evening.


Watch Video



“Anything Can Happen at the Artsies”

(Music & Lyrics by Jason Marks & Debra Clinton)


Anything can happen at the Artsies
where richmond’s finest meet to celebrate,
we gather up the winners and the losers,
mixing ego-centric artists with the schmoozers!
Many things will happen at the Artsies,
we’ll laugh and talk about you while we wait.
We’ll drink a lot,
and talk too long,
and dazzle you with song, at the Artsies,
tonight we all belong!

Famous people show up at the Artsies,
you wonder where they’ve been all year ’till now.
Unless of course, you weren’t nominated,
you wouldn’t bother coming anyhow!
Lots of people sweat it at the Artsies,
pretending not to care, but sure they do.
So just relax, let’s keep our cool, that is the golden rule,
at the Artsies, try not to be a tool.

The night arrives and you are dressed to the nines,
you’ve paid homage to all those damn Timberlines.
And it would help to have some really thick skin,
when you wait to hear your name called,
and then you do not win!

Plays are nominated at the Artsies,
dramatic acting gets to take a bow.
You sigh a lot, and cry a lot, and everyone says “wow!”
at the Artsies, it’s not your turn right now.

Random people show up at the Artsies!
Everybody wants to be on stage.
So tie your tie, make up your face, and you’ll look half your age!
Who cares if Richmond theater barely pays a living wage?
If you don’t win an Artsie you can leave here in a rage!
It’s the Artsies,
where theater takes the stage!

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