Furious 7 (review)

Furious 7 (review)
Furious 7 (review)
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Vin & Paul and everybody else is back for more international intrigue. These films used to be about racing, but they’ve slowly developed into action-filled missions to save the world with fast cars. After a sluggish start, this one slams on the accelerator and speeds thru one outrageous sequence after another. Forget the laws of physics, the viability of human endurance, even common sense…this film is all about stunts that are hilariously over the top. Don’t worry about plot or dialogue and enjoy the macho posturing. Even though it’s sometimes hard to follow the geography of the fights, they’re still hard-hitting and sprinkled with clever camera tricks. Go for the pure popcorn thrill to enjoy this wild and crazy ride!


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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