Gemini Man (review)

Gemini Man (review)
Gemini Man (review)
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Will Smith does some of his best acting in this film, which is doubly impressive since he’s essentially playing 2 roles. First, he’s a 50ish government assassin who’s ready to retire. He also plays the 20-year-old clone of himself, who is sent to kill the original version. This is supposed to be an action film, but there’s too much conversation, which dulls the pace. Most of the fights aren’t special with the exception of an incredible motorcycle chase that’s impressively close up and wild. Director Ang Lee has directed with an assured hand, but the lackluster script gets in the way and slows him down. As for the de-aging effect, it’s pretty impressive and the most memorable thing about the film. One woke change: The older version of the character teams up with a much younger woman, but they do NOT end up in bed!


2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


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