Gidion’s Knot (Review)

Gidion’s Knot (Review)
Gidion’s Knot (Review)
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THE PLAY: After a traumatic event, a mother meets with her son’s teacher. The scenario is slightly convoluted and the script is a somewhat overwritten, but it’s effectively raises questions about responsibility, creativity and support.


THE PRODUCTION: At first, it appears that Katrinah Carol Lewis & Laine Satterfield are overacting, but as the drama deepens it’s clear that the situation merits their intense anxiety. Both actors skillfully create compelling characters. Director Keri Wormald allows the tension to develop steadily, while never letting the pressure off. The set (complete with student desks in the first 2 rows) is a convincing recreation of an elementary classroom. The final staging is a challenge to see from the back rows.


THE POINT: This complex play is given an absorbing and tightly-wound production with two bravura performances.




Tickets and more information


See my video interview with producer Carol Piersol.

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  1. Spot on!
    (Yay SIFTER!)

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