Gifted (review)

Gifted (review)
Gifted (review)
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Chris Evans is best known for his action roles, so this movie gives him an opportunity to work a dramatic angle. He plays a single man who’s rearing his spirited young niece (Mckenna Grace). She’s a math genius, but he’s determined to raise her like a regular kid. Meanwhile, the grandmother wants to spirit her away to a life of intellectual pursuit. Grace turns in a lively, charming performance, Olivia Spencer (as the neighbor) once again successfully plays feisty, but Evans just plays it earnest without much depth. The dilemma is presented with sufficient significance, but the trite plotting, bland writing and lack of emotional resonance keep the film from achieving it’s potential.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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  1. To me, McKenna Grace’s performance is outstanding, not just lively and charming. Her portrayal of a smart kid almost ruined by her grandmother’s obsessive quest for mathematical success (Think of the play, Proof) is deeply touching. I never saw Evans before and I think his understated manner is just right. Olivia Spencer – solid; grandmother wonderfully witchy; and the sweet schoolteacher is really well done. I say, go see it!

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