Girlfriend (review)

Girlfriend (review)
Girlfriend (review)
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THE PLAY: Just after graduating from high school, 2 boys strike up a friendship that develops into something more.


THE PRODUCTION: The title is ironic because this play only features 2 male actors (although the titular character figures in the story and it’s also the title of composer Matthew Sweet’s hit 1991 album). As the “gay”‘ one, Cooper Sved fills the stage with boundless energy and undeniable charm. It’s a wondrous performance. As the athlete who’s struggling with his attraction, Ray Wrightstone has the more challenging role and he manages to embody some of the necessary conflicting emotions. Director Chelsea Burke has kept the pace lively and emphasized their undeniable chemistry. Aza Raine’s choreography is fun and almost wacky (in a good way).  Sweet’s palatable pop rock songs go down easy, which is boosted by the solid voices. They’re helped by the robust 4-piece band under the direction of Levi Meerovich. They also provide some excellent backing vocals. Most of the time, Dylan Eubanks’ sound worked well, although some of the dialogue got lost during the louder instrumentals. Running time: 1:15 (no intermission)


THE POINT: This is an affecting little romance that beautifully captures the awkward interactions of two teens.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


At Richmond Triangle Players thru 7/9

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