Good People (Review)

Good People (Review)
Good People (Review)
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THE PLAY: An uneducated, working class woman from Boston’s Southie neighborhood loses her job. Her colorful friends suggest she stirs up the past with an old boyfriend, who’s now a successful doctor.


THE PRODUCTION: The play is all about characters and this accomplished cast has created an array of vivid, real, enjoyable people. Dawn Westbrook scores with the kind of conflicted, neurotic person she does so well. Jacqueline O’Connor’s “Mouthie from Southie” is broad and hilarious. Katrinah Carol Lewis delivers one of the play’s most emotional moments. Director Anna Johnson has wisely kept the staging to a minimum, so the performances can shine. The set is a clever use of a few elements to create 5 different environments (just hang those pictures straight).


THE POINT: It’s all about colorful characters and this excellent cast creates an enjoyable experience.






Theater website.


NOTE: 11/5. Playwright David Lindsay-Abaire will be here for a discussion with reviewer David Timberline before the show on 11/5.

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