Gringo (review)

Gringo (review)
Gringo (review)
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Double-cross, triple-cross, even quadrulple cross: That’s the concept behind this movie. David Oyelowo plays the hapless employee of an edgy drug company, who’s sent to Mexico for business where things go awry from the offset. Back in the States, his bosses (Joel Edgerton & Charlize Theron) get meaner and less likeable. The intent was probably to create one of those elaborately-plotted narratives that keeps you guessing, while entertaining with clever conversation. While the twists are plentiful (and not all that surprising), the dialogue is uninspired and never funny. Besides Oyelowo, who does fine, Theron seems to be relishing her over-the-top shrew but isn’t especially enjoyable and Edgerton is just constantly befuddled. While it’s well-paced, the movie never takes us on an enjoyable trip.


2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


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