GWAR’s Dave Brockie & Dirtwoman (video 6:06)

GWAR’s Dave Brockie & Dirtwoman (video 6:06)
GWAR’s Dave Brockie & Dirtwoman (video 6:06)
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In 1991, videographer Dave Park & I decided to shoot a documentary on Richmond legend Dirtwoman. The project lost momentum (and a producer) until I recently found the original footage. The first thing we shot was Donnie Corker (Dirt’s real name) going to GWAR’s Slave Pit’s to be in their 5th movie, “It’s Sleazy.”


The band’s recently deceased vocalist Dave Brockie interacts with Donnie and directs the shoot. The scene takes place at Sleazy’s Crab House and Dirt’s character provides the seafood.


WARNING: This video is for mature (and twisted) viewers: wild language, outrageous situations & other potentially shocking stuff (it does feature GWAR and Dirtwoman, after all.)


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  1. Jerry,
    Thanks for sharing your footage of Dave & Donnie, very much.

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