H20 (review)

H20 (review)
H20 (review)
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THE PLAY: A Hollywood action star signs on for a Broadway production of “Hamlet” and seeks out a devoted Christian to play Ophelia. The conflict of values and backgrounds is the basis for their interaction.


THE PRODUCTION: Langdon Nagel is totally captivating and often funny as the shallow, troubled movie star. Liz Earnest has the more challenging role of making a strict, stodgy young woman appealing and she does it with assurance and charm. The play’s short scene structure requires lots of changes, which often take place while the dialogue continues. This sometimes challenges focus on the actors. Director Morrie Piersol has maintained a lively pace throughout, but could have used a few unhurried moments of deeper emotion. That may be the play’s fault, which has lots of comic banter and repetitive thematic discourse. Despite the opening night lighting snafu, the technical elements are uninspired.


THE POINT: The serious thematic undertones may be slighted by the comic banter, but the actors manage to entertain and create convincing characters.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


A 5th Wall Theatre production at Theatre Gym thru 9/27





  1. I agree 100% with each of your points (and you and I do sometimes disagree), but my rating system results in 5 stars rather than 3. The brilliant acting and directing magnificently and totally trumped the “adequacy” of the technical elements.

  2. I’m with John on the five stars. We have continued to discuss this play two days later. The actors were superb, the pacing maintained the intensity, with the characters representing archetypically societal and human traits.

    Bravo to 5th Wall for bringing fresh, provocative theatre to RVA.

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