Hamilton (review)

Hamilton (review)
Hamilton (review)
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THE PLAY: The story of Alexander Hamilton is told thru a hip hop and pop score with a racially diverse cast.


THE PRODUCTION: First off, I saw the original cast production, but this ensemble is just as full of boundless energy, strong voices and magnetic performances, especially Paul Oakley Stovall as Washington and Bryson Bruce as Jefferson (who gets extra love from the Virginia audience). The staging isn’t especially innovative, but the almost continuous activity, virtually non-stop dancers and the constantly changing lighting make for a visually vigorous production. If you’re not familiar with the complexity of the story and the complex brilliance of the lyrics, it would be smart to listen to the soundtrack. Fortunately, most of the words can be clearly heard, but there are some rapid-fire numbers that get lost. Although the second act is more intense and drags a wee bit, it also features some powerfully tragic moments. If you don’t understand why this show has become such an phenomenon, seeing it onstage will answer that question. Running time: 2:50


THE POINT: This masterpiece of writing is brought to dazzling life with expressive energy, powerful voices and robust staging.


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


A Broadway in Richmond production at the Altria Theatre thru 12/8 (some tix still available, including the $10 lottery tix. Visit the site for details.)


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