Hamlet (review)

Hamlet (review)
Hamlet (review)
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THE PLAY: Shakespeare’s great tragedy revolves around the titular prince, who plots revenge against his uncle for murdering his father, seizing the throne and marrying his mother.


THE PRODUCTION: In an interesting twist and more importantly, an opportunity for Molly Hood to express her considerable acting skills, director Dr. Jan Powell has cast the lead as a woman. And Hood delivers: bringing potent energy and astute humanity to create a complex, powerful character. The entire cast is commendable with few standouts. Although the play’s drama is undeniable, Powell has mined the script’s humor to make the tragedy even more poignant, especially Jeff Clevenger’s two nimble, hilarious creations and the Rosencrantz/Guildenstern duo of Jonathan Conyers and Laurel Maughan. Her inventiveness extends to the effective use of modern touches, a simple 4-bench set and the truly moving coda to the play.


THE POINT: The entire production is expertly mounted by director Dr. Jan Powell and Molly Hood’s creation of Hamlet is complex and compelling. A landmark performance on Richmond’s Shakespeare scene.


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


Quill Theatre’s Richmond Shakespeare Festival at Agecroft Hall thru 8/2


hamlet wide

Molly Hood as Hamlet and Jeff Clevenger as the Gravedigger. Photos: Aaron Sutten

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  1. Bravo production!

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