The Happy Prince (review)

The Happy Prince (review)
The Happy Prince (review)
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Rupert Everett wrote, directed and stars as Oscar Wilde. Most of the story takes place after he’s released from his jail, wandering around Europe desperate and sometimes destitute. There are flashbacks to his days of fame and happiness, but it primarily presents a broken man. This might have been less bleak if there were more flashes of his brilliant wit, but as it is, there’s lots of introspection and mild misery. Through the hardship, there’s tenderness and support from friends that makes it more empathetic. Everett gives a nuanced, absorbing performance and does well with his other responsibilities. Still, it feels slight, lacking the dramatic impact or the incisive dialogue that would have elevated this portrayal.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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