Hardcore Henry (review)

Hardcore Henry (review)
Hardcore Henry (review)
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This is one of the most wildly inventive and just plain wild action flix to come along in a while. It’s viewed from the POV of one man (who was wearing a GoPro to make the movie). He’s been transformed into a superhuman, who is thrust into a world crammed with people out to kill him. Like a character in a video game, Henry barrels through all kinds of obstacles and incredible stunts leaving an outrageous body count. The extreme violence is highly imaginative and flies so fast that’s it’s sometimes hard to follow. The reasoning behind the plot is murky (even though it includes some cool sci-fi elements), but it’s all about the insane intensity of the carnage and breathtakingly ingenious filmmaking.


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


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