Hearts Beat Loud (review)

Hearts Beat Loud (review)
Hearts Beat Loud (review)
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With “heart” in the title, you can pretty much expect an effort to tug at those strings. It’s certainly true here…although not very effectively. Nick Offerman plays the owner of a record store who also jams with his teenage daughter (Kiersey Clemons). While he deals with his failing business and ailing mother, she finds her first love. Meanwhile, they explore the possibility of teaming up as a band (as unlikely as that pairing sounds). Although there are some gentle confrontations, this drama is painfully sweet, wholesome and basically conflict free. Offerman manages to pull off a few humorous moments, but doesn’t really bring much depth to the role. The script or direction lack any quirky elements or touching moments that might have made the characters or the story charming. The earnest intent and the sincere pace drag it into the field of wannabe feel-good movies. At least their original songs weren’t bad.


2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


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