The Heir Apparent (review)

The Heir Apparent (review)
The Heir Apparent (review)
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THE PLAY: A young couple wants to marry, but an old miser gets in the way. While the play is based on a 17th century French farce, this production includes elements of Italian commedia dell’arte and lots of contemporary slang.


THE PRODUCTION: Since the plot is basic, this production is all about the style it takes to make it comical. Director Paolo Emilio Landi has skillfully blended elements from classic French and Italian techniques to create an exuberant, highly-stylized frolic (even though many of the best punch lines come from the modern idioms). This enjoyable ensemble shows us a rollicking time as they embrace the mannered technique with bravura (Kenneth Putnam’s diminutive lawyer is the comic highlight). The verbose verse drags the pace a bit in Act One, but most of the show is lively fun. The set and costumes, which are fitting blends of several styles, add decorative touches. Running time: 2:00


THE POINT:  This zany farce is presented with stylized skill and punctuated with modern sensibility to make for a enjoyable theatrical romp.


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


A Quill Theatre production at VMFA’s Leslie Cheek Theater thru 4/29




Matt Bloch), Richard Travis, Rachel Rose Gilmour, Boomie Pedersen (Photos by Aaron Sutten)

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