Helming the party ship (video 1:56)

Helming the party ship (video 1:56)
Helming the party ship (video 1:56)
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“Three sheets to the wind” is a nautical term relating to a square-rigged ship with the 3 windward sheets hauled all the way forward. When it sails in or to the wind, the ship will stagger like a drunken sailor. That’s a pretty good clue that Three Sheets to the Wind is all about the party. They bill themselves as America’s #1 yacht rock tribute band.


Web TV show “Yacht Rock” (about the Southern California session guys who played with Michael McDonald and Steely Dan) introduced the band to the concept. “It’s a guilty pleasure for all of us….such a great style of music.” One that Topper Dandy (guitar, vocals) thought was under-appreciated. “It’s not really Carolina type shag. People who like the Rhondels and Chairman of the Board would probably be disappointed in us. We’re more Southern California rock from the ‘70’s/’80‘s – soft rock AM Gold.”


Dressed in sailing crew whites, Three Sheets is a self-described party band that plays to an audience as if it was all one big family. Topper says their popularity took them by surprise.



Band4The band was the perfect start to last weekend’s Earth Day celebration in Manchester, appropriately within blocks of the James River. They’re careful to limit their public dates to about once a month, “We want to make an impact every time we play. We theme our shows, do different things to make them special.”


They recently inked a deal with The Broadberry to play quarterly (5/21 is the first date), much as they did every third Thursday at the old Republic. They also play a healthy number of private parties, corporate events and weddings. “We joke that we’re the wedding band for people who hate wedding bands!”


For years they’ve partnered with the Massey Cancer Center to create Massey on the River, an all-day music event that typically draws about 1000 people. This year it’ll be on Mayo Island in September.


Uniquely, they don’t list upcoming dates on their website (other than the next date) preferring Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. “We want people to be part of our social media experience.” So, put on your sailing shoes and join the party.


The band:

Danny Marnier – drums, vocals
Sonny Pockett – bass
Captain Max Power – guitars, vocals
Walter Ego – piano, organ, synths, vocals
Topper Dandy – guitars, keys, vocals
“Mister” JC Kuhl – saxophones


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Rosanne Cash with store owner Jimmy Bland



Rosanne Cash is no stranger to Richmond. She’s played the Folk Festival and supports local charity Children Incorporated, who she was in town for lastl week. She also paid a visit to Carytown, “I made a quick stop at Plan 9 to support Record Store Day and picked up a few records myself.”


JAMinc hosts its last show of this season 5/8 with River Whyless from NC. They bring a unique, sometimes ethereal spin on Americana roots music to Studio A at In Your Ear. The pot luck before the show is always a bonus.

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