A Second Helping: The Church Basement Ladies Sequel (review)

A Second Helping: The Church Basement Ladies Sequel (review)
A Second Helping: The Church Basement Ladies Sequel (review)
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THE PLAY: Three Lutheran women chat and sing about their lives and their community, while they prepare or clean up church meals. The pastor and a daughter also drop in.


THE PRODUCTION: This show is aimed at an audience that appreciates wholesome humor with mildly farcical elements. The cast does an adequate job with the corny comedy, but the characters they create are basically bland (with the exception of Robin Arthur’s confident delivery). The sprinkling of agreeable, but non-descript songs meets with varied success. There are pleasant voices, but the blend doesn’t always work (and the sound mix doesn’t help). Director Tom Width has loaded up the action with plenty of energy and visual gags. He’s also created an impressive fully-stocked kitchen complete with antique appliances. Becky Lussier’s lighting nicely sets off the musical staging. The show was received by an enthusiastic opening night audience, but it fell flat in my seat. NOTE: I didn’t see the original production, so I can’t make any comparisons.


THE POINT: This earnest cast doesn’t overcome the challenges of the dowdy script’s sweetly innocent humor and simple songs.


2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


At Swift Creek Mill Theatre thru 10/24




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