High (Review)

High (Review)
High (Review)
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THE PLAY: A formerly homeless, recovering alcoholic, cussing nun works at a recovery center. Her new assignment is a young, gay, drug-addicted prostitute. Rounding out this troubled trio is a priest who’s hiding his own guilty secrets. The play is as overwrought as all these adjectives, but simplistic in it’s tilt toward melodrama.


THE PRODUCTION: This show clearly belongs to Melissa Johnston Price in the pivotal role as the nun. She brings her considerable skills to the dramatic demands, while mining the moments of comedy. Kyle Cornell manages to capture the anger and indifference of a young man in strife, but falls short on the vulnerability. Jonathan Hardison creates a strict priest with assurance. Director George Boyd has kept the focus on the performances, while imbuing the staging with dramatic flair. T. Ross Aitken’s limbo set creates simple beauty with the use of three projected windows that change with the scene. Michael Jarett’s lighting and projection design adds to the dramatic effect.


THE POINT: Despite the strengths of this production, the play’s overwrought conflicts and obvious revelations undermine its potential power.


At Triangle Players thru 3/15



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