The Honky Tonk Angels Holiday Spectacular (review)

The Honky Tonk Angels Holiday Spectacular (review)
The Honky Tonk Angels Holiday Spectacular (review)
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THE PLAY: The original Angels add a member and stage a show featuring a few country songs, some pop favorites, a smattering of standards and the inevitable Christmas classics.


THE PRODUCTION: Even though there’s a simple storyline and a nod to character development, this is all about the music. These ladies sound great together and shine in their solos. They bounce thru the 40 songs with smiles and boundless spirit. The LIVE band (led by Paul Deiss) adds more energy than a recorded track ever could. Tom Width’s direction is typically lively, despite the rudimentary choreography. Robyn O’Neill’s pot & pan number is a clever highlight and Deborah Wagner’s Elvis is a stitch. The first act seems a bit unfocused, but Act Two is tighter with more effective and funny thematic medleys. Joe Doran’s colorful lighting goes a long way in helping create lovely moments and Maura Lynch Cravey’s costumes are fun and flattering. My only complaint is that the PA sometimes sounded overloaded. NOTE: If you choose a seat on the aisle, you might end up on stage doing the twist (which I did)!


THE POINT: This light, fluffy holiday concert is full of smiles and spirit.


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


At Swift Creek Mill thru 1/10



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  1. Jerry, “Debra Wagoner”. 😉 Thanks.

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