Hollywood (review)

Hollywood (review)
Hollywood (review)
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This is Ryan Murphy’s first big show for Netflix (7 episodes). Some of the stories are based on fact, while many of the major characters and situations were created to sell Murphy’s messages of inclusion. The series gets off to a somewhat steamy start, but the prurient aspects of the story slowly cede to the melodrama of the situations and relationships. There are lots of beautiful period locales (some of which look familiar from Murphy’s earlier Hollywood series Feud on FX), beautiful costumes (especially Patti LuPone’s dresses) and lot’s of wonderful performances, including Jim Parsons, LuPone, Miro Sorvino and several relative newcomers. One minor complaint: The actors who portray Rock Hudson and fictional Jack Castello look too much alike. While there’s lots to enjoy in this glam series, the final episode (appropriately titled “A Hollywood Ending”) was just too perfect and made it feel more like a message show than a dishy Tinsletown drama. NOTE: Michelle Krusiec, who plays real Asian actor Anna May Wong is a graduate of the theatre program at Virginia Tech.


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


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