Honey Boy (review)

Honey Boy (review)
Honey Boy (review)
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In an act of supreme self indulgence, Shia LaBeouf wrote this screenplay about his relationship with his father and also plays him. Meanwhile, 2 different actors assume the role of the young actor: Noah Jupe (in an impressive film debut) is the boy living with his father in a cheap motel while shooting a movie. Lucas Hedges (playing tortured once again) is the adult version, facing his demons in yet another rehab. In an over-the-top performance as the father, LaBeouf rants and abuses his son for much of the movie. It’s painful for them and for the audience. There are some touching moments, esp. with Jupe, but this is just one long tedious psycho drama for LaBeouf.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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